Carangi Air re-imagines a classic form of flight and couples it with modern technology

Lighter-than-air today is all about reducing fuel consumption, lowering operating costs and spending more time aloft

Carangi Airships

It’s time for the future of lighter-than-air. It’s time for Carangi Air

Carangi Air creates custom designs for commercial and military applications; sensor and video platforms; large capacity antenna arrays; or the transport of materials, fuel, even medical supplies to remote locations

I can’t even begin to tell you what a hit the “Airship” was. We had so many compliments from Turner President David Levy to the players themselves. Not only was it a huge success with fan interaction, it also provided unmatched content to the point NBA Digital mounted 360 cameras for R&D and we raised a championship banner with it. Very cool all the way around.
Albert Hall, HallPass Media - Samsung NBA Summer League
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